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Often, clients arrive assuming the only therapy for them is massage. However, we offer many different therapies to target specific ailments and to best meet the highly individualised needs of clients.

Take a look at the wide range of Therapies we offer at the Centre for Health and Wellbeing.

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male suicide in northern ireland prevention

Male Suicide in Northern Ireland

Male suicide is a big mental health issue in Northern Ireland. But let’s stop calling it mental health. It’s health. Your brain is the biggest organ in the body and of course, it can crash.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Hands up if the doubts and fears in… [Read More]

Coping With Bereavement Or Loss

Sad is a small word and doesn’t describe how it feels to lose a loved one.  Emptiness. Despair. Hurt, lost and aching. Frantic and feeling unable to cope.  Whether it’s a parent or partner, life long friend or elder sibling, we are never really prepared to say goodbye.  Its ok… [Read More]