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Many people who present with poor mental wellbeing freely admit that they do not recognise the symptoms of, for example, stress or anxiety and they become overwhelmed by their impact on their lives. This can and does lead to a reliance on prescribed medication and/or substance abuse. Our classes enable participants to learn a wide range of means of identifying, reducing and removing stresses and in doing so enhancing resilience.

Is this for me?

Do you want to feel less stressed?

Would you like tips and techniques on how to reduce stress in your life?

Would you like to gain practical know ho win using oil blends for your own health and well being?

Are you coping with negative life events at present?

What will we do?

People want to be seen to be able to cope even in the most demanding times.

We aim to identify, support and equip you to deal with pressure before it reaches a critical point and becomes stress.

What will we look at?

Where you already manage stress well.

Understand the causes of stress.

Understand stress led behaviours in you and others.

Look at the impact of pressure and stress in the workplace.

A range of tools to manage pressure and minimise stress in others.

How to set clear boundaries.

How to manage your own assumptions.

How to pre-empt difficulties.

How to say no (being less accommodating).

How to identify oils which best suit your needs.

How to mix oils skilfully.

How to use the oils in your bath, on your body, in spritzers, compresses and cream or gel blends.

Why Classes?

Participants will learn a wide range of proven means of identifying, reducing and removing stress.

A key factor is that participation also affords the opportunity to socialise which reduces social isolation which is quite often a cause of poor mental wellbeing.

The classes are delivered within the framework of the Public Health Agency ‘Take 5 Steps to wellbeing.

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Basic Aromatherapy

Participants will receive a complementary therapy and knowledge on the benefits of aromatherapy oils for different conditions. Patricia will teach you how to correctly blend oils, the basics of self, family and friends massage. Aromatherapy oils for home use and massage are proven to reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing coping skills and resilience.

Patricia Thompson

Centre for Health & Wellbeing

2 hours per week for 6 weeks

Call 07734 746167 or use our contact form by clicking the button below

Stress Management

A 6 week programme to help you identify, reduce and remove stresses. Topics explored include:

• How your body responds to stress

• How to use your body to overcome stress

• How to recognise stress and stressful situations

• Methods of stress release

• How to build resilience

Christine will guide you through how to lower and remove stress and create more balance in your life.

Christine Poland


2 hours per week for 6 weeks

Call 028 25123456 or use our contact form by clicking the button below

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