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Victims and Survivors

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The Centre works with the Victims and Survivors Service (VSSNI) ( to provide complementary therapies to victims and survivors of the conflict/troubles. If you think that you have been physically or psychologically affected by the conflict/troubles then you may benefit from complementary therapies. Quarterly statistics produced by VSSNI indicate that 82% of our clients report an improvement in their physical and mental wellbeing as a result of receiving 6 sessions of complementary therapies.

The therapist will discuss your needs with you and after an assessment will decide, with you, which therapy would be most beneficial. Please do not hesitate to contact the Centre reception on 028 9022 3220 or by emailing

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Victims and Survivors

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The Centre works in partnership with Belfast Health and Social Care Trust to provide complementary therapies for Carers where their Social Worker has identified they may benefit from the service.

If you have received your 6 complementary therapies where the cost has been funded, as an existing client you may wish to buy additional sessions at the discounted rate of £25.00 per session.

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