Corporate Therapies

Under UK law, employers have a legal duty of care to ensure their employees are not harmed by work-related stress. They also have a duty to assess the risk arising from hazards at work, including stress.

The Health and Safety Executive have defined stress as, 'An adverse reaction a person has to excessive pressures or other types of demands places upon them.'

“In general it is accepted that work is essential to health, well-being and self-esteem. Common mental health problems and musculoskeletal disorders are amongst the important causes of sickness absence. The CBI calculates that 175 million working days are lost each year due to sickness absence. Absences of 4 weeks make up an estimated 6% of the number of absences and represent 43% of days lost.”

HSENI (Health and Safety Executive NI)

Each individual employee presenting with work related stress, anxiety or depression leads to an average of 29 working days lost and costs the UK billions of pounds each year.

Work related stress, anxiety and depression enhance:

  • Poor decision-making.
  • An increase in mistakes which in turn may lead to more customer or client complaints. This in turn is likely to produce more stress.
  • Increased sickness and absence.
  • High staff turnover.
  • Poor employee/work place relations.
    • Complementary therapies are proven to reduce the symptoms and prove a very cost effective solution for you as an employer.

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