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The therapists, many of whom have worked with the Centre for many years, have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. All are fully insured Complementary Therapists, members of various Professional Bodies and all hold current Enhanced Access NI disclosure certificates.

Many of our clients come to us with symptoms concerning their physical and mental wellbeing and they can be assured of an empathic and listening ear alongside their complementary therapy.

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Head-to-Toe Health: Simple Strategies to Incorporate into Everyday Life

Feeling your best mentally and physically is essential for success and happiness in life, but it can be hard to know where to start. If you’ve been looking to level up your wellness, the Centre for Health & Wellbeing wants to help. We have put together some tips that are… [Read More]

dealing with a breakup centre for health wellbeing

Dealing With A Breakup

People don’t always say “I love you”. Sometimes it is said more like, “did you eat?”, “call me when you get home.”, or “be safe”. Sometimes people snap back, shout, huff, refuse to work as a team. Or more serious problems come up with trust betrayed or major relationship challenges…. [Read More]