The Centre for Health and Wellbeing, now in its 22nd year of service to the community, engages with self-employed complementary therapists to provide a wide range of therapies to those affected by poor physical and/or mental well-being. The centre provides approximately 2100 therapy sessions annually benefiting 350 individuals.

The centre receives funding from the Victims and Survivors Service under the Victim Support Programme for Victims and Survivors of the Northern Ireland Troubles. The centre is also in receipt of funding from Belfast Regeneration Office and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. The centre will also generate income from the provision of outreach services to the business, voluntary and community sectors.

Governance in the Centre for Health & Wellbeing

Lorraine Mills
Bernadette McGlade
Margaret Ritchie
Vincent Stuart
Thomas McCullough




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Dealing With A Breakup

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Male Suicide in Northern Ireland

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